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If we had to put it simply, Jankari00 .com is a handy and helpful website for people looking for government employees to learn about all the latest updates, news, and details regarding these positions.

It is a private website that a private person manages and is not a website run by the government. The best thing about Jankari00. Com is that it is free of charge; there is no need for anyone to pay any amount of money for this portal; you should visit it. By using this portal, we can quickly get data and information regarding government exam dates, vacancies, age criteria, seats available, qualifications, and much more details about so many government jobs such as UPSC, IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC CGL, RBI Grade, RRB JE SSE, IBPS.

What is Used For?

Utilizing this website is not at all problematic. Utilizing this website is quite simple. We need a smartphone or device with a screen and a strong internet connection to use this. The next step is to launch any mobile web browser, such as Google or another, type Jankari00 com into the search bar, and then click on the result.

Following that, you will see a website with this name that you must click to access. When you visit its official website, you can find a tonne of information about various government employment. Now all you have to do is scroll down and click on the field you want to learn more about. After clicking on that, you may quickly learn more about the exam and other information about that specific career.

Is the website at secure and safe?

No need to worry about your security or security because this website is secure. Visitors to this website can dispel the worry that their use of this portal might endanger them. Because Jankari00 com is a very safe and secure platform, there should be no tension or concern about terms of service, privacy, or other security-related issues like viruses or other threats.

Is the website at functional?

We can claim that Jankari00. com is a precious website for getting so much information regarding various government exams because we know its outstanding characteristics.


  • We may get information, news, and updates on various government examinations.
  • Since there is no need to travel anyplace to find information, it is convenient. All the information may be searched for by just going to this website from the comfort of our homes.
  • A very effective and efficient technique to find information is through Jankari00 com.


  • When it comes to’s user interface, it isn’t appealing. The webpage appears to be extremely basic.
  • We cannot guarantee that the data and information provided by Jankari00 com are entirely true and accurate.

Some Features or Characteristics

The features that Jankari00 offers us to employ are numerous. These are some examples of those qualities:

  1. We may get many facts regarding various government exams by visiting this website.
  2. Here, we may check requirements, age restrictions, etc.
  3. Since no fee is associated with utilizing this website, offers free all of its data and information.

How to Follow Up on a Job Submission is Important

Getting the job you’ve always wanted is one of the most exciting experiences possible. But to ensure that the employer can get in touch with you as soon as possible, it’s imperative that you first pass the interview and build a spectacular profile.

Although recruiters might contact you the following day, they might not do so for a few weeks. However, the recruiter contacted you following your application. Contact the message once more.

Check out these six fantastic tactics for practical, creative following-up with a hiring manager if you find yourself in a similar circumstance and are unsure of what is going on or how to communicate with an employer without getting upset or furious.

1. Stay Tuned for the Real Job Profile 2022.

Keep away from this since situations like these call for patience. Recruitment agents might not want to follow this protocol. The hiring procedure will probably take longer. If candidates’ identities are public, the hiring manager may consult with other temporary employees about the applications.

Before sending the follow-up letters, give the Company at least a week or two to respond. To obtain further instructions, it is also advised to browse the application. If the app explicitly states that someone will call you prior, there’s no need to respond. Wait a week before getting in touch with the business if you can’t discover any instructions.

2. Without seeming overly interested, follow.

Mentoring is one of the simplest and most successful ways to demonstrate to employers that you are looking for eager candidates to fill your open positions. You most likely take pride in your work. But if you come out as a desperate applicant, that’s how you’ll be perceived.

It’s excellent to be motivated to land the desired job, but this does not necessitate being overly enthusiastic or passionate. You can send this email if the interviewee completes the chat and shows up on time. You can add the following: I hope you had a good weekend; hello [number of recruiters].

I recently applied for the position at [enter the job title], and my phone number is [insert the phone number]. Given that you haven’t responded in over a week, do you have anything else to say or give? I will be pleased to offer any extra details that will help with the processing of my application.

You might try being more flexible by altering your voice and words rather than asking the recruiter if the organization is interested in hiring them. Make sure you send your email on time and the appropriate date. Contacting your recruiter right away or soon after is not a good idea. Instead, focus on what the following examples show to be effective.

3. Say “Thank You”

You sometimes have to take on work only for enjoyment and without any expectations. A thank you. Email can help follow up with hiring managers. If you routinely follow the entertainment industry, I strongly advise sending an email or a thank-you note.

For instance, you may write in your application email, “Thank you for considering my application as one of the qualified applicants to join your well-renowned organization. My time working for your firm has been a nightmare. I’ve been looking for a job with the [Company] for a long time.

I am delighted to have been allowed to apply for the post. The plan was to send her a letter of gratitude and gladness. Even the tiniest actions can significantly impact your future employer’s long-term outlook. These moral deeds might impress your potential employer, who might praise you for your friendliness, humility, and professionalism.

But remember that sending a thank-you letter is only a technique for you to follow up with the person hiring you. It does not imply that you are qualified to be chosen in the event of this kind of activity. This identifying method is undoubtedly one of the numerous features.

Jobsite, the website, Authentic Job Profile

Work from-home, factory jobs, box packing jobs, security jobs, manager jobs, clerk jobs, and jobs for helpers are all available. There are 121 unique daily visitors and 121 page views at Jankari00. com.
Web valuation for Jankari00. Com is zero dollars. There are 1.07 visitors every day to the website.

According to Alexa traffic statistics, Jankari00com is now ranked 183,381st worldwide. Since Jankari00 server is located in the United States, we cannot tell which nations contribute traffic to it or how geographic distance impacts how quickly pages load. Other websites that AMAZON-02 hosts. Below is a list of, Inc., USA.

A top-level domain with the.COM extension is called Jankari00 com. Other websites can be found in the.COM zone. On September 22nd, 2021, a confirmation result from revealed that the website’s SSL certificate was invalid. Click the button to view the SSL information from the Security Information section. Check out the list of websites that use SSL certificates issued by Starfield Technologies, Inc.

Alternatives of

The market is flooded with alternatives to this website that consumers can use to get a variety of news sources and information regarding various government tests. The following are some Jankari00 com alternatives:

  2. Sarkari Naukari
  3. JagranJosh
  6. Job Sarkari
  7. Free Job Alert
  8. GovtJobGuru
  10. Employment News
  11. India Today
  12. Sarkari Naukri Blog


For many people looking for government jobs and needing information, news, or the most recent changes, Jankari00 com is an incredible resource. The most effective resource for those looking for government jobs is this free portal. I sincerely hope that this article will be helpful to you all in learning more about the website jankari00 com. Please let us know if any material on this page is incorrect.

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