Imginn Review: Is Imginn Actually Secure and Anonymous for Downloads?

Imginn is a website or app that helps many people quickly download and watch photos and videos from Instagram users with public accounts. They can do this in a very private way because they won’t be able to tell who has been on their profile. This tool lets us save and share different Instagram users’ stories, reels, photos, and highlights.

The word “imginn” is made up of the words “image” and “innovation.” To use Imginn, we only need an internet connection and a screen from a phone or other device. It is entirely free and easy to use. You can also get the Imginn app on your phone by going to the Play Store. In addition to these features, it also lets us edit and rate images, among other things.

How is the Imginn App installed?

You can quickly get it from the play store on your phone and install it by following a few simple steps, or you can use the Imginn app by looking for it on any web browser like Google. The instructions are follows:

  • Go to Imginn’s website by typing its address into the search field and clicking on it.
  • The following action is to open the file and select the download or install option.
  • After the download is finished, all that’s left to do is open Imginn and register.
  • Now, you can easily use this software for a variety of applications.

Create an Account on Imginn

You only require to take the following steps to create an account on this fantastic application:

  • To create a accounts on Imginn, you must first enter some information, including your email address, password, and phone number, for account verification.
  • Provide your username and password for the login after signing up.
  • Save your user and password when you log in so you won’t have to repeat the process.
  • On Android and iOS iPhones, you can now quickly view many pictures and videos from many accounts while being anonymous.
  • After this, you can now effortlessly download those images, videos and reels to your device.
  • Additionally, you can transmit anyone these downloaded images and movies.

How Does ImgInn Work?

The following outlines how to begin using ImgInn:

  • Enter “ImgInn” into Google or your preferred search engine.
  • From the SERP, click the extension weblink.
  • To start the fun, enter your profile username.

How Can I Download Instagram Posts From ImgInn Anonymously?

Here’s how to start the downloading process:

  • Utilize the search box and choose the resource type from the menu options (Stories, Photo, Video, and Avatar).
  • Avatar and stories both operate using search terms. Hit the search icon after entering your Instagram username.
  • You need a link to download a picture or a movie.

Following are instructions for downloading Instagram photos and videos without a link:

  • Downloading images or videos is as simple as using the search bar menu. None are necessary.
  • Enter the login, and all of that account’s content—not just the public ones—will be displayed on the interface.
  • Click the “download” button to start a download. There is no need to wait or join up.



  • All posts, including videos and photographs, can be downloaded
  • You can view and download the profiles of other user accounts and your own
  • Browse secretly; no one will be aware of your downloading
  • Download a variety of Instagram files from a separate menu
  • Downloading is done quickly and without interruption from advertising


  • ImgInn is unable to manage your private account. Hence it is unable to process posts and videos from private accounts.
  • Users cannot view a post’s number of views or likes on the UI

How to delete your ImgInn account?

  • Click “Remove Account” in the bottom area.
  • Your Instagram profile’s URL should be entered.
  • Please enter your email address.
  • Press the “Submit” key.

Is using Imginn secure and safe?

We can say that this application is very safe and secure for its users because it is a third-party app or application that offers us several features to some extent. This application offers us so many benefits like viewing, downloading, and sharing various photos, posts, videos, reels, stories, highlights, etc., without any cost or money, just for free.


Imginn is an excellent piece of software for stalking, which is becoming more and more common in today’s society, where most people tend to look at others with a need to compare or compete. It helps people who don’t have Instagram accounts or who do have accounts but want to visit someone’s profile, download their photos, videos, and stories, store and share their photos, and do all of this without that person knowing. All you demand is a good internet connection; everything else is free. If you read this essay, I hope you’ll know everything there is to know about Imginn, a great piece of software or website.

ImgInn Alternatives


Another anonymous Instagram photo and video viewer to utilise is Storistalker. The website is a little slower than usual, advising users to wait 30 seconds for the outcome because processing takes time. However, there is no sign-up process, and the downloading is quick.

  • Oversee Instagram stories.
  • Observe deleted videos and posts
  • Free to download and use


Users can save content from TikTok and Instagram using Qoob, which offers several advantages like group or individual downloads, browsing covertly, notifications for new postings, arranging automatic downloads, and more. Users have restricted access to the website, which results in reasonable pricing for plans that may be purchased to continue using Qoob services.

  • Batch download
  • View Instagram stories privately.
  • Back up your accounts on Instagram and TikTok.


A website resembling Imginn called Dumpor allows users to browse and download Instagram story views, pictures, and videos anonymously. The user-friendly interface invites them to search any Instagram account using their profile, location, and tags.

  • Browse in privacy
  • Observe comments and likes
  • Supported search for hashtags

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