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WPC 2029 or WPit 18. The Philippines’ LIVE platform hosts roster fights. Users can register for fights and upload their details on The All about WPIT18 Reviews can be of interest to you if you enjoy watching rooster fights.

You can determine from these Wpit18 reviews whether or not WPIT 18 is a trustworthy website. They will discuss online Rooster fighting as well as the game’s legality. There are a lot of things to think about before joining if you’re interested.

Exactly what is

Speaking to worldwide pitmasters in this way is more understandable. Among the members and their hens who take part in these games, just a small number are included in this game. They’re all Filipino, and they compete not only with one another but also with their hens.

Many legal systems may allow for these issues. Users can also arrange these titles in various ways. To learn more about these positions and the recruitment process, visit

Best Features:

  • Free gaming portal online
  • The latest domain purchase date is December 19, 2020
  • By creating a free account on this website, one can play.
  • Only those who have 100 points or more are eligible to play.
  • Make money by placing bets on roosters.
  • Some nations, including the Philippines, have a significant following for this game.
  • Facebook social media account is available.

How does Wpit18 function?

WPC is the acronym for this. The World Pitmasters Cup (WPC) is the full name of the online competition that takes place in the Philippines. Many individuals participate in the competition, however before you sign up, you should be aware of the following:

  • The World Pitmasters Cup has its own set of guidelines and rules.
  • You must abide by these guidelines before you can register with
  • The event is broadcast live on as soon as it starts.
  • Every action necessary to make the event happen was taken before its was broadcast.
  • Because this roster match is so well-liked in the Philippines, it receives extra online attention on that day.
  • Participants fight in the ring while showing off their cocks.
  • A referee allots a particular length of time for a game to produce the greatest outcomes.


  • A historical amusement source
  • Free website to play online games


  • Involves cruelty to animals
  • It is wrong to harm and kill animals for no good reason.
  • It is a game of chance and wagering.

What Is The Purpose Of The Wpit18 Game?

According to wpit18 Registration, people bring roosters to fight on the open field of war. The player who has the most roosters still alive at the end of each game wins. The fact that many roosters die at the conclusion of this event makes it the most difficult. The roosters commonly get wounds and suffer severe bleeding.

Today, a large number of foundations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are actively fighting violence. We ought to treat animals with compassion and respect on a daily basis. Animals deserve the same respect that humans do. People ought to consider how they would react if they were treated in the same way as roosters.

This heinous act of savagery exposes the humanity of individuals. We need to publicly criticize this contest and urge that Wpit18 Registration be limited. These occasions are well-known in the Philippines because they offer a way to make money. The winner and the runner-up each earn a significant prize. If a person’s rooster is hurt or killed during the game, they shouldn’t worry.

What procedures are needed to register for the Wpit18 dashboard?

Do you want to find out how to sign up for Wpit18? If you’re also curious in how to sign up and log in to the WPit18 dashboard, keep reading. It’s not as easy as you may assume to take part in this event. You must follow the rules and instructions listed on the website.

  • Visit to find out more.
  • The current role, like an agent, is listed on the website.
  • For this position, you must apply.
  • After becoming an agent, you may make $5,000 to $15,000 annually.
  • You can also check out the promotions and benefits on other social media websites. On Facebook, search for “ agent hiring.”
  • You have the option of accepting payments online or through a bank transfer.

Step-by-step directions for completing the Wpit18 registration

Simply follow these easy instructions to register for wpit18.

  • Fill out the form at
  • Create a new account.
  • Enter the necessary information, including your name, phone number, and Facebook ID.
  • Fill out the application and wait for the approval.

These actions can also be taken.

You will be given a username and password after successfully registering.

  • You can go to “” as a webpage.
  • The “DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT YET?” option can be found.
    Please contact us.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose “Contact Us.”
  • Following are your options:
  • Filipinos can reach me on WhatsApp at 09451491761 and Viber at 09638900729
  • In order to help others:
    Globe: 0926733942; Smart: 09632797978.
  • You must call the administrator at the above numbers to register.

Online enrollment

WPC carries a number of concerns, one of which is violence toward roosters. WPC competitions may violate the law and be cruel to animals. Online registration for the World Pitmasters Cup is straightforward. Only if you are fully aware of the risks can you stay safe. You don’t need to put your money at risk, especially because you can start right away. registration is safe and legal. On this online gaming platform, there are also gambling and rooster fight games. All competitors are required to abide by the match’s regulations and register with the organizers. There are numerous individuals who support WPC.

WPT18’s Principal Benefits

After registering, you can decide whether or not to participate in the game. Upon registering, you can start playing right away. You must register before participating in the competition. It will be more challenging to succeed. It will be challenging for you to prevail. However, you are still able to play.

This is the main benefit of WPT18. The WPIT games are open to professional online poker players.
Lucky 8 has the option to decline to register a new client. If a customer’s application is rejected, Lucky 8 has the right to remove them from the website. Any customer may have their service requests rejected by Lucky8. The website is no longer active. There is no requirement that the website’s owners justify their choices. Registration for Wpit18 is free, but there are certain restrictions.

Wpit18 is it legal?

Although the website is official, there are battles between roosters there that could result in death or serious injury. These events are prohibited in the majority of the region’s nations. It’s odd to learn that it’s still tolerated in some communities. Some NGOs and animal rights organizations don’t like how these cockfighting video games are set up, as our screen demonstrates.

What do you think about the WPC? The game’s owner can also wager and win money doing so. So how can we claim that this sport is the best? Here’s how you exploit animals and birds for profit.

How Can I Reach WPC2029 or Support?

Through the “Contact Us” option on the same sign-in page, you can get in touch with the support staff if you run into any issues while logging in. You must contact them through the provided Whatsapp (09451491761) or Viber number since there is no provided email address (09638900729).

Final Conclusion:

The official Wpit18 website claims that everyone else will be able to use the service, despite the possibility that it won’t function in nations where it is prohibited. In addition to being dishonest, betting on animals is also morally wrong. Although working for login is legal, there are more valuable things you can do with your time.

Animals, however, are entitled to a peaceful existence. This post’s main goal is to make people aware of how terrible this kind of behavior is, not to support Wpit18. Wpit18 has been outlawed in several nations because it violates animal rights or because they oppose gambling in general. No matter what other people may think, Filipinos are quite certain about what they love.

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